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The bright side of tax, finance and accounting

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Interim Management

We are happy to support you in filling temporary staffing vacancies or special projects in finance, accounting and controlling. We cover the range from upscale clerical handling with a high degree of personal responsibility right up to the management function.


We offer years of in-house experience in management positions in the pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, tourism and other industries. We are familiar with the respective industry sectors, which helps us to quickly gain a foothold with you and close the gap. But we also support companies from other industries without any problems, as we have already successfully demonstrated in the past.


Decades of experience make us very flexible, so that we rapidly become part of your team within your company and can relieve you of your workload entirely.


We have already supported renowned companies in recent years, often those that operate on a global scale:












Chemistry SI Group Switzerland GmbH, CH-Pratteln 2019 - 2020  
Family Office

Cell Capital Management, CH-Meggen + MT-Sliema

2018 n.a.  


EBL Genossenschaft, CH-Liestal


EBL Genossenschaft



Ametek CTS, CH-Reinach (HQ USA)

2014 - 2017

Ametek klein



Reference Ametek CTS, Mr. Dale M. (CFO)

...We valued her as a remarkably reliable and independent employee who accomplished her tasks with very great care and accuracy. We knew her as a very dedicated and extraordinary efficient employee who delivered very good performance, both in quality and quantity, even with a very high workload. Her actions were thought out, she demonstrated a very good degree of initiative...She was a versatile and very diligent employee. Remarkable to mention is that the performance and quality of her work was exemplary and generally and her technical skills are very strong….Her loyalty and commitment to the company has been tremendous and was highly appreciated…


Reference SI Group, Mrs. Natalie B. (Financial Controller EMEA)

...a very committed and independent employee who made a significant contribution due to her high personal commitment. She showed great interest in her work and showed above-average commitment to her area of responsibility. Her enthusiasm and optimistic nature had a very motivating effect on the team even in difficult work situations...She was extremely result-oriented and responsible and was highly valued for her conscientiousness...



Further information on past retainers and additional references is available on request.


We can carry out shorter retainers lasting up to about two months on a full-time basis. For longer assignments we generally work with a maximum 80% workload, but will be happy to discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis.


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Interim Management



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